Orient Automatic Open Heart FAG00003W0 AG00003W Men’s WatchOrient Automatic Open Heart FAG00003W0 AG00003W Men’s Watch has a 40.5mm x 12mm case vestiges the same size as most of the Bambino collection and will come in a collection of polished steel varieties. The white dial edition has a rose gold plated, yellow gold plated, or classic steel option while the black dial and blue dial choices will both be in stainless steel. The same classic domed dial and mineral crystal stay put unaffected with the open heart feature at 9 o’clock – something that makes the exclusion of the date window (a first for the Bambino) seem all the more fitting. Like always with Orient, the finishing is fabulous. The polished handset and hour markers give this reproduction a tad more of a contemporary feel, particularly when matching with the polished escapement bridge in the dial cutout. Added to this case is an onion crown rented from the Bambino V2 – one of my favorite features. While I appreciate where some budding consumers will think it is needless, I feel that it fits the open heart arrangement adequately.

Inside the Orient Automatic Open Heart FAG00003W0 AG00003W Men’s Watch, beats the Caliber F6T22 – a caliber specifically designed for the many open heart models in Orient’s catalog. The Japanese in-house automatic movement allows for hand-winding and hacking seconds. Visible through the case back, the movement appears to be pretty highly decorated, or as Orient calls it, “polished.” The Caliber F6T22 features a 40-hour power reserve, and is water-resistant to 30m – so don’t take it for a long swim. The white dial models will come on a brown leather alligator strap, while the black and blue dial models come with a black and blue alligator strap, respectively.

Open Heart watches are merely not everybody’s “craze.” In fact, I habitually hear them called a “deprived man’s tourbillion.” I would characteristically fall into the class of giving this an once-over and moving on, but in general, I thoroughly enjoy this watch. If you, like me, take pleasure in simple dress watches, then this would be an enjoyable addition to your collection. Having had the Orient Envoy for a bit, I can show to the better-than-its-price-point-suggests finishing of Orient’s F6T22 caliber, with Orient’s by now elevated level of attention to artistic aspect being a tempting suggestion. If you are in the market for a dress watch with some of visible impediment, and something interesting to watch, Orient Automatic Open Heart FAG00003W0 AG00003W Men’s Watch offers a lot.

Bottom line: A watch that is very classy and the out of the blue open window that displays the movement gives the watch an out of the world exclusive look. Orient Watches are enough to carry it to the office and elegant enough to wear it with swag to the party.

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